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domingo, 26 de agosto de 2018

Ogenki Clinic

Ogenki Clinic (お元気クリニック Ogenki Kurinikku) is a 1987 Seinen manga series by Haruka Inui which was originally published in Play Comic. The manga was adapted into an animeOVA series. There was also a live-action version, Welcome to Ogenki Clinic. The plotline revolves around the quirky (and perpetually horny) Doctor Sawaru Ogenki and his beautiful nurse, the busty Ruko Tatase, who help patients through their problems, and the cure almost always involves sex (something Ogenki doesn't approve on too well).

Ogenki Clinic is an erotic comedy that often employed visual metaphors for the doctor's cures. Referring to sexual intercourse as a game of pinball, or illustrating a penis as an actual missile or gun are just a few examples of the manga's humorous scenes. 

The animeOVA series of Ogenki Clinic was directed by Takashi Watanabe, animation by Chuo Movie and animation production by New Network and Tokyo Kids. It was first released in Japan in 1991 on three 46-minute VHS volumes by Play Comic Video. Simply titled “Vol. 1”, “Vol. 2” and “Vol. 3”, each volume contained four episodes or “cases”. 

The first two volumes, dubbed in English, were released separately on 45-minute VHS tapes in America by Anime 18 as “Check Into Ogenki Clinic” and “Return To Ogenki Clinic”, then together in 1999 as a single 90-minute DVD release titled “Ogenki Clinic Adventures”. In 2007, they would be separated again for DVD release under Central Park Media's Anime HotShots banner as "Ogenki Clinic 1" and "Ogenki Clinic 2". Critical Mass Video has scheduled the re-release the "Ogenki Clinic Adventures" DVD for February 2, 2010. 

Kitty Media released "Vol. 3" in America in 1997 on 45-minute English subtitled and dubbed VHS releases titled “Welcome to the Ogenki Clinic”. These VHS tapes were also included by Kitty Media in their VHS box sets of “The Best Of Kitty Vol. 2” in 2000, which also contained the anime OVAs Slight Fever Syndrome and Balthus- Tia's Radiance. (The DVD release of “The Best Of Kitty Vol. 2” does not contain "Welcome to Ogenki Clinic", nor Slight Fever Syndrome, which were replaced by the anime OVAs Wake Up! Aria and The Legend Of Reyon.)

Sex Taxi

Sex Taxi (股人タクシー Kojin Taxi) is a five-episode OVAhentaianime series produced by Media Blasters and released between 2002 and 2004. 

A wicked and perverted taxi driver, whose eyes are almost never seen onscreen and whose name is not revealed, occasionally kidnaps the girls he picks up in order to rape them. He chooses his victims and secretly stalks them to learn more about their lives.
 When he chases the opportunity, he takes photos of them misbehaving just to lately blackmail them and tell them to go with him to an isolated, abandoned school, where he forces them to perform several sexual acts. 


Megachu! -Megamisama Chuuihou- (めがちゅ! -Megamisama Chuuihou-) is a Japanese adult game by Front Wing, which was later adapted to a three-episode hentaianime series. The story is a spin-off of Djibril – The Devil Angel. The anime was released in North America by Kitty Media as Oh My Sex Goddess, a title apparently parodying Oh My Goddess

Kōsuke Kawakami is a college student who suffers from unexplained nightmares in which he's "a rampaging sex demon". One day, a goddess known as Jordh appears before him and wants to destroy the evil demon inside him which is causing his erotic dreams about his roommate, Natsuki Kurosaki. Another goddess, Fauna, decides on an alternate means of stopping the demon. However, The anime series was released in Japan by Milky Animation Label and MS Pictures.
In March, 2010 Kitty Media announced that Megachu! would be released in English but it was delayed until it was officially released on January 12, 2011.Natsuki has plans of her own for Kōsuke, and later joins Jordh to defeat the demon.

Hatsu Ino the Animation

Hatsuinu (初犬, lit. "First Dog") is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Inu about a series of short hentai stories but "The Strange Kind of Woman" story continues throughout the three volumes. Issuisya has released the 22 chapters of the manga into three bound volumes between April 22, 2006 and July 11, 2008. The manga was adapted into two original video animation series, named Hatsuinu The Animation and Hatsuinu 2 The Animation - Strange Kind of Womans ~again~, respectively. 

While on a train during Tokyo rush hour, high school student Fukaya Mamaru finds himself crushed against his classmate, the silent Fujino Shion (藤乃紫音). Unknown to Mamaru, Shion has a vibrator in her vagina, which increased its intensity when Mamaru pushed himself against her. Unable to turn off the vibrator discreetly, Shion endures the train ride while requesting Mamaru to satisfy her sexual cravings, to which he complies. After they get off the train, Shion gives Mamaru a remote control for her vibrator as a thank you gift. After the incident, Shion meets Mamaru to satisfy her sexual needs. 

Not impressed by Mamaru's libido, she runs off and meets Mita Yuki, a girl who has a crush on Mamaru. Yuki gives Shion a potion that she says will improve Shion and Mamaru's sex life warning her not to drink it. Curious about the contents of the potion, Shion drinks it. The potion increases Shion's sexual desire. In an attempt to rid herself off the effects of the potion, Shion takes Mamaru into a school bathroom and tells him to repeatedly have sex with her (Shoin's plea for sexual relief is the first and only time when she verbally speaks to him). He does so until she faints. Mamaru takes Shion to the school nurse. He meets Yuki in the hallway and questions her about why Shion would be so sexually active. In response, Yuki feeds him the potion via a kiss. With his libido increased, he takes Yuki home, where she forces herself on him. Meanwhile, Shion wakes up at the nurse's office and wants to know where Mamaru is. The nurse tells Shion that she last saw him with Yuki. Fearing for Mamaru, she runs to his house to find Yuki and Mamaru having sex. Disgusted, Shion runs out of the house, with Mamaru chasing after her. Mamaru explains the situation to her, and they have make-up sex in an alleyway. 

One day after getting caught in a fight between Shion and Yuki, Mamaru falls down on his head, causing memory loss. Yuki takes advantage of the situation and calls herself his girlfriend. He has sex with both of them and is still confused as to which girl is his girlfriend. Later, a teacher who broke the school doctor's heart when she was a student returns and offers Yuki a love potion to best Shion and win Mamaru ... and the price is only Yuki's body!

Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo

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